Saturday, 7 April 2018


2nd July 2017

Wembley Stadium

The Finale! Ha-Bloody-Ha.  UK's biggest diva pulled out of her last two Wembley Stadium dates at just a couple of days notice with "damaged vocal chords".

I am not for a second doubting the veracity of her reasons for doing so, but her claim of being "So sorry" would have carried a bit more weight had the squillionnaire singer offered to refund our hotel and flight fares, in addition to the whopping ticket price.

We did get a bit of our money's worth though, I suppose.  From our hotel room we could just see the Wembley Stadium arch.  And around 10pm on the evening of when our gig should have taken place, up began an impressive fireworks display.

I can only assume these had been installed in advance as part of The Finale climax, set to go off on a timer perhaps, and it had been decided it was cheaper/safer, just to let things progress.

It was initially slightly disconcerting at first to hear the explosions given these heightened security days, but once we realised it was only pyrotechnics at play Wife, Daughter and I settled down to enjoy the show.

As to whether Ms. Adkins will ever get around to fulfilling her obligations, nine moths later we are still waiting. 

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