Sunday, 14 October 2018

Tracyanne & Danny

13th October 2018

Spiegeltent, Paisley County Square

The titular duo here are Bristol-based singer/songwriter Danny Coughlan, who generally records under the name Crybaby, and Tracyanne Campbell, once of Camera Obscura of this parish.  This venture being Tracyanne's first back into the world of performing following the break-up of her previous band subsequent to the untimely death of colleague and close friend Carey Lander.

The pair's first release is the unimaginatively titled Tracyanne & Danny.  And rather like the first time I heard a Richard Hawley album, all manner of vaguely familiar-sounding, but maddeningly-unidentifiable fifties and sixties influences abound.  Although, the intro to O'Keeffe clearly borrows heavily from the melody to Carly Simon's Coming Around Again, and I am as sure as a non-muso like me can be, that Deep in the Night recycles the same chord progression as the Velvet Underground's I'll Be your Mirror.

But it is nevertheless an accomplished debut, with more than a few gems.  My personal fave is Alabama, a chunk of infectiously twangy americana, clearly written by Tracyanne for her departed former band-mate:

“When I'm an old lady
I'll still miss you like crazy.”

This gig took place as part of the Spree Festival, in what was little more than an ornate tent pitched in the centre of Paisley's County Square.  But the acoustics were a whole lot better than we had any right to expect from such an intimate venue, with both Tracyanne and Danny's contrasting yet complementing voices showcased to fine effect.


.....and Danny

Drummer Noel

Susan Bear was just too cool.
I loved the way she casually tossed aside her plectrums to switch to plucking mid-song.
But then I appear genetically predisposed to be in the thrall of ladies with bass guitars.

Sean Reid's keyboard contributions were best described as peripheral.
But when he picked up his sax, he elevated proceedings immeasurably.

Tracyanne Campbell

Danny Coughlan

Tracyanne & Danny get down!

For a few tunes mid set Mr Tracyanne, Tim Davidson, dropped to layer some pedal guitar into the already sumptuous mix.

Tracyanne and Danny - Paisley October 2018

Set list

Baby's Got it Bad
Anybody Else
Deep in the Night
The Honeymooners
Cellophane Girl
Home & Dry
True Love Will Find You in the End
It Can't Be Love Unless it Hurts.

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