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15th March 2019

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Well what we really had here, it could be argued, was actually 2.5cc – Graham Gouldman being the sole representative of the founding 10cc quartet still touring under the name.  Of the other originals, Eric Stewart had jumped ship in 1995, whilst Lol Creme and Kevin Godley have been ploughing their own unique furrows (collectively, then individually) since 1976.  Although, of Godley, more anon.  

Perhaps realising that neither he, nor his fellow old codgers had voices strong enough to do the old songs justice these days, Gouldman had drafted in a young(er) pup called Iain Hornal.  The chap punched the air and bounced around like a bearded Marty McFly; and was probably the youngest person in the building by some thirty years.  His vocal phrasing was excellent throughout, but I did occasionally wonder what he thought about, as he strut his stuff in front of a sea of head-bobbing grannies and granddads.  We learned he has a concurrent solo career on the go, and I assume he regards this gig as just a step on his route to Ed Sheerin-dom.

I was pleased to note a whole wodge of Sheet Music was aired.  I remember hearing this album for the first time in the early 70s, and even my immature self realising at the time this was a special, special collection.  Ten expertly crafted pop tunes with witty, intelligent lyrics, and barely a note wasted over the 37 minutes.  It has since been criticised as being too clever, sterile almost.  The very antithesis of what rock 'n' roll should be about.  But, to these ears at least, it sounds as fresh and contemporary today as the moment it emerged blinking into the sunlight from Strawberry Studios 45 years ago.

And speaking of masterpieces, I'm Not in Love has wormed it's way so deeply into popular culture over the years (my daughter only knows it because it appeared in the film Guardians of the Galaxy!), that one can occasionally be guilty of taking the song granted.  Luxuriating in the performance this evening, I was reminded that it truly is a work of genius.

Clockwork Creep being performed, did take me by surprise a touch – this being a humorous take on a bomb taking down a plane (honest).  I do appreciate Lockerbie was a long time ago, but they are currently still investigating why Ethiopian Airlines' Flight 302 fell out of the sky.  And it all appeared just the teensiest bit insensitive.  And I am no member of the snowflake generation, by any means.

For Somewhere in Hollywood, we were presented with Kevin Goldey performing on a large screen behind the stage; footage Godley had made especially for Gouldman – which would suggest that these two, at least, are still on speaking terms.

All the hits were present and correct, with my one slight grouse being that Rick Fenn's guitar was not always as to the fore as I would have liked.  There is some pretty heavy riffing going on in the studio versions of Silly Love and Wall Street Shuffle.  And I am sure most of us wrinklies would have coped, had the volume been jacked up just a tad this evening.
A fun a capella rendition of Donna served for one for the encores – the aforementioned Hornal carrying the show here, before Rubber Bullets had the Glasgow audience testing their dodgy knees and replacement hips to the max, with a geriatric danceathon.

Graham Gouldman

The multi-handed spectre of Kevin Godley loomed over the stage performing "Somewhere in Hollywood".

Rick Fenn, GG and Iain Hornal

Rick, GG, Keith Hayman...and the immaculately coiffured drummer Paul Burgess

10cc - Glasgow 2019

As ever, whenever I go and see these fractured remains of bands doing the rounds, I ponder the possibility of there ever being a reunion of original members.  

But if the internet stuff is to believed, Eric Stewart has not been in contact with his former songwriting partner Gouldman for some years; Lol Creme no longer talks to Gouldman or Goldey, whilst Stewart and Creme only interact with each other at family dos (they married a pair of sisters).  

So, probably best file a 10cc original line-up reunion as just slightly less unlikely than a T. Rex one.

10cc - Glasgow 2019

10cc - Glasgow 2019

10cc - Glasgow 2019

Set list

The Wall Street Shuffle
Art for Art's Sake
Life is a Minestrone
Good Morning Judge
The Dean and I
Old Wild Men
Clockwork Creep
Feel The Benefit
The Things We Do for Love
Say the Word
Silly Love
Somewhere in Hollywood
Baron Samedi
I'm Mandy, Fly Me
I'm Not in Love
Dreadlock Holiday

Ready to go Home
Rubber Bullets.

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