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Stefflon Don

14th April 2019

Glasgow SWG3

Not quite within my prime genre of interest this one, but Daughter wished to go.  And as I am presently working on persuading her not to send me to the Old Folks' Home at the first opportunity, I decided it politic to accept her invitation.

It was diverting enough I suppose, but what really stood out was not only the youthfulness of the crowd – even Daughter at 20 felt old - but the paucity of clothing worn by many of the girls.  The event had an odd High School Prom vibe to it, with the pre-gig chatter putting me in mind of the high-pitched babble we used to hear from the playground, when we lived next the local primary school.

Being by some margin the oldest codger in the building, I endured the humiliation of being mistaken for a staff member by a young couple, who were having difficulties with the fairly simple task of finding the entrance to the main hall.

Stefflon Don – her stage name is a play on Steff London, I assume - initially forged a reputation for herself as the go-to lady should a short section of female rapping be deemed necessary in songs of other artistes (e.g. Sneakbo,  Jax Jones and Demi Lovao and the like).  Not that I have remotest idea who any of these latter folks are.  

Don had released her own debut album in 2016, and this tour saw her promoting her second solo collection: Secure

Most of Stefflon's tunes this evening were high-energy dance-based raps, with, I noted, the lyrics of a fair few referencing her (or at least someone's) pussy.  All accompanied by much twerking and grinding of hips by the lady and her troupe of dancers.  During one tune, Boastie, Daughter assured me it was (a recording of) Idris Elba who was doing a bit of dad-rapping.  But it could have been anyone.

The song Calypso, I'll admit, enjoys a certain charm.  But, by the time that one had finished my saturation point for being shouted at and twerked at had been reached.  And more than one yawn required stifling thereafter.

Set list (I am sure there were many more)

Lil Bitch
Pretty Girl
Precious Heavy
Free Drip Tony Montana
Dem Neva Warn Ya
Tight Nooki
Favourite Girl
Shot & Wine
Ding a Ling
Precious Heavy

16 Shots
Hurtin' Me

Stefflon Don - Glasgow 2019

Glasgow SWG3

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