Sunday, 19 April 2020

Amigo The Devil

5th February 2020

Stereo; Glasgow

Large as Life and twice as hairy, Amigo The Devil is the alter-ego of Miami-based singer songwriter Danny Kiranos.  His music has been described as residing in the genre Murder Folk.  And whilst a few of his songs certainly feature individuals coming to a sticky end, the majority of Kiranos' compositions appear to be attempts by the man to come to terms with his own demons, rather than chronicling the actions of others.

And I particularly point you in the direction of Cocaine and Abel, the opening track on his latest album, which is as uncomfortable a piece of soul-baring as I have listened to in many a year.  But for all its power, the song is actually rather unrepresentative of Kiranos's output; the majority of which has a wide (if rather dark, at times) seam of humour running through it.

Anyone who could pen a tune as much fun as I Hope Your Husband Dies, is more than OK by me.

Set list

If I'm Crazy
The Weight
One Kind of People
Dahmer Does Hollywood
Cocaine and Abel
The Recluse
Hungover in Jonestown
I Hope Your Husband Dies
First Day of the End of My Life
Perfect Wife
Hell and You
The Dreamer
Stronger Than Dead

 (I am not 100% sure of things after Delilah)

Danny sets up his pedals pre-gig..

..and also his Buckfast and Irn-Bru

Amigo The Devil - Glasgow 2020

First support act were locals The Brothers Outlaw.  I only caught their final number, which was a pleasingly frantic bluegrass-influenced thingy.

Also supporting was Christian Hede - a folk singer from Denmark, who sang (logically, yet surprisingly) in Danish. 
Which was a first for me.