Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Proclaimers

Glasgow Concert Hall

1st December 2015

You always know what you are going to get with The Proclaimers: a modest selection from whatever release they are promoting at the time, a lot of songs from their first two albums (guaranteed the Biggies), plus a well-chosen smattering from their more recent work.  And therein lies a bit of a dilemma, I suppose.  For whilst I am sure I would have felt ever so slightly cheated had we not heard 500 Miles, Letter From America or Sunshine on Leith, I do feel The Lads really should be considering giving over more time to more recent stuff. 

For over the last decade or so The Proclaimers have (in my opinion, anyway) recorded more than enough quality material to keep all but the most backward-looking fan happy; songs such as Blood Lying on Snow, There’s, Whatever You Want, Love Can Move Mountains, Harness Pain – I really could go on and on.  But none of these were aired this evening, space instead being found for the likes of Over And Done With, The Joyous Kilmarnock Blues, What Makes You Cry, Misty Blue and Then I Met You – fine tunes all, but surely deserving to be put out to grass (at least for a spell)  given their vintage.

That being said, it pains me a touch to state I do not feel there are many songs on the new album Let’s Hear It for the Dogs likely to survive in the set list much beyond this tour.  For, admittedly after only a few listens on my part, early impressions are that it really does appear to be their most lightweight collection since 2005’s disappointing Restless Soul.  Even the stronger compositions musically, Then Again and Which School?, are each burdened by an untypically clumsy lyric as Craig, I feel, toils to make his points with any subtlety.

Charlie Reid - The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

Charlie Reid - The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

Craig Reid - The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

Charlie Reid & bassist Gary John Kane

Craig Reid - The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

The Proclaimers - Glasgow Dec 2015

Uncharacteristic dilly-dallying on my part led to us having to make do with crappy seats high and to the side of the stage, with the result the sound quality was often not all it should have been.  The first two songs were particularly muggy for us balcony dwellers, before the sound engineer succeeding in getting to grips with things.  This was also the first time I had seen the Glasgow Concert Hall with floor seating removed to provide a standing area, and Daughter and I cast envious glances at the folks having a whale of a time down there.

Not Wife though, as she “does not do standing at gigs any more”. 

The Glasgow Concert Hall


Sky Takes the Soul
Over and Done With
Letter From America
Should Have Been Loved
The Long Haul
What School?
Let's Get Married
Role Model
If I’m Still Around
Spinning Around in the Air
Shadows Fall
Cap in Hand
What Makes You Cry?
Rainbows & Happy Regrets
The Other Side
Misty Blue
Sunshine on Leith
Hate My Love
I'm on My Way
Then I Met You
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Make My Heart Fly
The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
Life With You

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