Sunday, 24 June 2012

Soft Cell - Edinburgh - 1983

11th July 1983

Edinburgh Coasters

It is actually a bit of a cheek me including this one in my concert history, as I only caught the last song and a half.  Myself and a couple of work colleagues had doubled booked ourselves for this gig, playing 5-a-sides at Livingston from 7-8, before jumping in a car still sweaty-smelly, and haring it through to Edinburgh.

We arrived around 8:45 to find the band already on stage thumping their way through a raucous piece of unfamiliar nonsense, we later discovered to be a cover of Suicide’s Ghost Rider.  Then, to our dismay, once this piece wound its way to its shambolic conclusion, Marc and Dave thanked us all and toddled off stage.

Soft Cell, had apparently taken to the stage bang on 7:30, whilst us three were still lumbering around Craigswood Sports Centre, with the consequence we missed pretty much the whole performance.

The lads did return for an encore – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (inevitably), but this did feel a bit like a last minute consolation goal in a 7-1 rout.

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